TARGET Football is a unique Community Interest Company based in Merseyside that has been set up to provide the local community with a wide range of football and sports activities. We aim to make a difference in the lives of people in Liverpool by using the project as a tool to address the problems and barriers they face within their community. We use the power and popularity of football and sport to encourage people to participate in safe, structured and healthy activities that contribute to their educational development and improve their ability to connect and mix with other people from different backgrounds.

By engaging people in community-based activities we aim to improve their cognitive and social skills and increase their confidence and self-esteem so they are less likely to drift into anti-social or risk-taking behaviours. Furthermore, we provide people from these areas with opportunities to get involved with the planning and running of activities and use the project as a springboard to progress them into jobs, education and training. In doing so, we will be able develop the potential of people by enhancing their transferable skills, improving their understanding of citizenship and encouraging them to making a positive contribution to their local community.


Paul Hurford 

Reg Standish